It was a moment of encomium for a rare gem as the whole atmosphere was filled with joy, warmth and tributes emanating from the hearts and lips of family, friends, neighbors and associates.

On 24th September 1972, a rare gem was born. Radiant and intelligent Nimat is 50 though looking and feeling 21. With love, sincerity and peace radiating from her, she shared her feeling with CEM Events, the Event department of Continental Economy Magazine.

“If I say am happy, it is an understatement for words cannot express the joy in my heart. Though am 50, I actually feel 21. Truly, 50 years is not a joke, a lot has happened. So far, so good, am grateful. It can only be God and I return all praise to him”; Nimat said.

What keeps Nimat young? Contentment, forgiving heart and simplicity. That didn’t only keep him young but beautiful as well. She said, ”am contented, I don’t do more than my power, I don’t keep grudges”

A lot of beautiful things has happened in Nimat’s life but one is the best and most remarkable. “The best thing that have happened in my life is meeting and marrying my Husband. He is my back bone and has been wonderful”; Nimat said with a calm and cheerful smile.

Nimat is the second wife of Chief Abu Agbonoga, the Ezomo of Epa Kingdom in Etsako-East Local Government of Edo State

Chief Abu Agbonoga described Nimat as ‘calm’ and ‘wonderful’. “Our 22 years of marriage has been years of mutual happiness. If I have an opportunity to meet her again in the coming life, I will marry her again. She is a peace loving woman”; Abu said.

It is remarkable to know that for the past 22 years, I have lived with two of them under the same roof without issues. Nimat understood and accepted her position as the younger wife. She is very respectful, accommodating and resourceful”; He said.

Alhajia Adama Agbonoga, the elder wife of Chief Agbonoga simply thanked almighty Allah for the kind nature of Nimat and pray that Allah keeps the peace they have enjoyed all the years. “We eat from the same plate, you can hardly identify my biological children from her own in this house. Nimat is a good girl, very respectful and peace loving”; She said

Regina Okhakia, a friend of the family testifies; “It took me 3 years to identify which of the children belong to each of the women. I initially didn’t know that Nimat and Alhajia Adama were partners, I thought they were sisters”

Mrs Esther Bamidele Collins, a childhood friend of Nimat described her as one of the kindest women she has known. She said “Nimat is brave, hardworking, intelligent and all embracing. She is a mother and a friend to all.”

For Mariam, Nimat’s daughter, she is happy celebrating her mother at 50, but she is sad because her mother is getting old and she wants her to remain young. She has special love for her mum because “she is very kind, she is funny and she is caring”

Bukola Ayinla is a neighbor and a friend to Nimat’s daughter. Nimat has treated her like a younger sister with all the cares. Bukola calls Nimat her ‘2go anty’ who responds anytime she need her.

Nimat wish to become better, “I look forward to become a better me, to see my children grow and become successful and to become a grandmother and great grandmother someday.”

Chief Agbonoga wishe his wife excellent health, he wish that Nimat live for another 100 years. Other family members, friends and neighbors wish her good health, prosperity and all the good things of life.

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