Regina Aviomoh Akhe Ceremony

Culture remains the true identity of a people, a symbol of existence and a means to value. This is expressed through titles and ceremonies that first of all define the value of individuals in a people and then that defines the identity of the people.

The Akhe cooking title ceremony is a core cultural identity of the Weppa and Uwanno people in Etsako-East local government of Edo State while it expresses the completeness of womanhood and the value the woman places on her husband.

On the 26th of March 2024, SHC (Mrs) Regina Aviomoh performed the Akhe cooking title ceremony as a mark of honor for her husband SHC MSC Aviomoh through whish she has been ushered into the league of real women with value in Uwanno Kingdom.

The community of Egor came alive with an exceptional ceremonial aura as the community seized the opportunity to celebrate SHC (Mrs) Regina Aviomoh for her extraordinary empathy, benevolence and warmth. Praises were showered on her in cultural songs that expressed her beauty in character and body

Mrs Akekere who spoke to CEM crew described SHC MSC Aviomoh and SHC (Mrs) Regina Aviomoh as good people who accommodate everyone and contribute to their growth and development. She said, “this woman and her husband are very good to us in this community. They are so accommodating and when you come to them with a challenge, they try to provide a solution.”

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